Accessible Websites


Many governments and territories are beginning to mandate accessibility for websites, including the Government of Ontario (AODA) and the United States government (Section 508). Our website compliance auditing ensures that your website conforms to the appropriate legislation and allows individuals with disabilities increased access to your website.

Compliance audits are a popular choice for companies striving to meet legislative compliance and increase accessibility with minimal resources.

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User Experience

Creating a product that is universally accessible for everyone increases your company’s opportunity to increase its client base. User Experience website audits rise above legislation compliance and strive to create a product that is equally usable for individuals using adaptive technologies like screen readers.

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Accessibility Testing

Website and web-based software accessibility audits: auditing, user-testing and recommendations for web-based products to conform to WCAG 2.0 including legislation under the AODA and ADA (section 508). Audit reports include website elements not in conformance and recommendations on remediation. Services also include report presentations and some staff training.

VPAT creation: the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template is a common tool for corporations to report the level of accessibility for their websites and other products. VPATs are required for any corporation bidding on United States federal contracts and are becoming increasingly universally accepted as a way to communicate accessibility to clients and users of various products, especially websites and web-based software.

Full User Review

Providing a website that is fully usable for all individuals is the best way to maximize your ROI and increase your potential client base. Our full user review will ensure that individuals using adaptive tools like screen readers will experience your website fully as you intended it to be.

Accessible Website Design

Our team of accessible design experts will help you remediate your existing website to become accessible, or start fresh and design a perfectly accessible experience.

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